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  1. I/We have applied for a Tenant screening / credit loan from (Elite Consulting). As a part of the application process, Elite Consulting, Inc may verify information contained in my/our loan application and in other documents required in connection with your tenant screening or loan.
  2. I/We authorize you, the mortgage company, to provide to The Elite Real Estate Consulting group, Inc information including, but not limited to: social security number, employment, income, assets, divorce/separation agreements, credit history documents including bankruptcy and/or foreclosure documentation as deemed necessary.
  3. I/We hereby authorize Elite Consulting, Inc. to act on the mortgage company’s behalf to obtain and verify such information listed above. Furthermore, I/We authorize The Elite Consulting Firm, Inc., to pull and re-pull credit as deemed necessary to satisfy our obligation with the Mortgage Company or lender and process your loan. I/We understand that, as with any loan application there is a possibility of credit scores either demonstrating an improvement or a decrease in score. I/We understand that both the Mortgage Company and Elite Consulting, Inc. are acting on good faith to obtain a loan approval on your behalf, and hence will not hold either party liable if such incident may occur in the loan process. The hard inquiry will show Universal Credit services on my report!
  4. A copy of this authorization may be accepted as an original.
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Signed by Cheryl Hinnant
Signed On: July 12, 2019

Trinity Enterprises LLC
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