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Consumer Tradeline Application

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FIRST NAME : MI : Last Name :
Address :
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Email Address : Home Phone :
Work Phone : Cell Phone :
SSN :   DOB : DL # :
Credit Information:

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Tax Liens Judgments   Repossession
Foreclosures Child Support Student Loans
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For Office Use Only:

Establishing a line of credit through a tradeline as a credit booster requires proof of legal citizenship in the
United States of America. By signing this application, you acknowledge that you are a legal citizen of the
United States of America and authorized to work in the United States of America. In addition, you agree to
provide the following proofs of identification to secure a tradeline:

  • Social Security Card
  • Driver License or Identification Card issued by State Agency
  • Paystub from Domestic Entity or Birth Certificate
  • Cover Page of Income Tax Return
Method of Payment:

EXPIRATION : CVV : Billing Zip :

I am applying for:

I authorize Trinity Enterprises, LLC to obtain information regarding my credit file. I understand that any
information obtained will be used by Trinity Enterprises, LLC and its agents and employees to attempt to
improve my credit and will be kept confidential. I further authorize Trinity Enterprises, LLC to make
changes on my credit file without prior notice during the time of this agreement.

Consumer Credit Improvement Agreement:

This is an agreement between Trinity Enterprises, LLC and .
This agreement is good for a period of months. The agreement becomes effective on
until at which time all credit
restoration services offered by Trinity Enterprises will cease. Trinity Enterprises, LLC offers credit
restoration services to both consumer and commercial customers. Results vary based upon each
individual’s personal credit profile. Improvement may be seen as early as 60 days; but, a specific date
cannot be projected or guaranteed.

A failure to pay your existing bills in a timely manner will cause this agreement to become null and void.
Also, failure to meet deadlines in the credit action plan or dispute strategy will cause this agreement to
become null and void. Failure to provide your credit repair specialist with updated information from your
creditors, credit reporting bureaus, or other entities as requested will cause this agreement to become
null and void.

The charge for credit booster services is dollars and
zero cents ($
). All postage expenses are included in the charge for credit boosting services
while this agreement is in effect. The client is responsible for any expenses associated with retrieval of
credit reports. There shall be no other charge to the client. See attached Fee Schedule for all applicable

There will be an additional charge to the client of $50 for any of the following:

  • Late Payments per occurrence
  • Cancelled or Returned Check
  • Cancelled or Returned Credit Card Charge


Trinity Enterprises, LLC collects an initial payment on a retainer basis to begin services. The consumer’s
retainer is placed in escrow until services are performed. As services are performed, the consumer’s
retainer is charged for services performed by Trinity Enterprises, LLC.


If the consumer is dissatisfied with TEP services and a breakdown comparison of services performed
has been provided and the consumer continues to be dissatisfied, the consumer agrees to settle the
dispute in mediation.

The consumers understands that if he or she has a complaint with TEP and files a complaint with a third
party (e.g., media, Better Business Bureau, financial institutions, etc.), the consumer gives TEP
permission to communicate–in writing, verbal, etc.–with the third party regarding any information in the
consumer file with TEP. This clause serves as a general release of information of the consumer’s
information upon contact initiated by the third party on the consumer’s behalf.


Trinity Enterprises LLC is not responsible or directly affiliated with the companies who provide “lines of
credit.” Furthermore, Trinity Enterprises has no control over the approval and or denial of credit. Though
the companies providing the lines of credit have been tested and proven to be effective with previous clients,
Trinity Enterprises is not liable for individual results. Should any concerns arise from the relationship with
the company providing the line of credit, these concerns should be handled directly with the company
providing the line of credit.

By signing below, I understand that establishing a line of credit with a company is a best practices strategy
recommended by Trinity Enterprises, LLC, and Trinity Enterprises, LLC cannot guarantee a certain credit
score increase by establishing lines of credit.

Printed Name of Applicant


Signature of Applicant

Date of Applicant’s Signature

Name of Witness


Signature of Witness

Date of Witness’ Signature


  • Proof of Identity Required: Examples of proof include social security card, driver license, passport
  • Trinity Enterprises guarantees posting on up-to 2 credit bureaus.
  • If tradeline does not report in estimated timeframe nor report as named, TEP will repeal, replace, and reassign a new
    tradeline for the agreed upon timeframe; consumer agrees that a refund is not warranted when TEP is required to
    repeal, replace, and reassign a tradeline
  • Consumer gives Trinity Enterprises permission to release his or her information to Trinity Enterprises affiliates who
    provide lines of credit. This is required because credit booster packages require reporting consumer name and

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Signed by Cheryl Hinnant
Signed On: May 1, 2019

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